Is Democracy Slipping Away? Or Are We Killing It?

Like everyone I like it when I see others are thinking along the same lines I am. While reading Charles Taylor’s Is Democracy Slipping Away? speech I couldn’t help but notice that he also seems to agree with the thesis that the audience is partially the driver for the “dumbing down” of the media:

On top of these four spirals, there seems to be (5) a “dumbing down” of electorates, in the sense that the grasp of the issues, and of what is related to what, declines among great swathes of the population.

Linked in the downward spiral with the dumbing down are (7) developments in the media, each cause and effect of the other. — Charles Taylor

The full speech is more nuanced than just those two quotes and should be read in its entirety.

We differ in that he believes the root cause of the issue is that the elites have gained too much power and have disenfranchised the electorate. Another top-down theory.

I personally favor more organic bottom-up theories. In other words I think the electorate are the root cause not the other way around.

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