Is Breitbart Turning on Trump?

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(10/11/17) Update

It is still unclear were the Trump-Bannon relationship stands. Bannon has stated that he wants to remake the Republican party. My guess is that the Trump-Bannon relationship depends on how much Trump furthers this aim.

(09/24/17) Update

Things were going good for a while but now there seems to have been another falling out between Breitbart and Trump over Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange. Breitbart has been equating the endorsement as the Swamp getting to Trump. Now is reporting that a Breitbart reporter was barred from a Trump-Strange rally.


Bannon has been out of the Whitehouse for a few days now. When he exited he says he is going to war for Trump. However it was not clear from his statement whether he meant Trump or Trump’s campaign agenda. Ben Shapiro (who used to work for Bannon) conjectured in his podcast that Bannon is a fighter and would turn on Trump if it benefited Bannon’s populist agenda. It looks like this might be happening.

Check out these headlines from Breitbart today:

McClatchy: Trump Aides Plot Big Immigration Deal — That Breaks a Campaign Promise

Reports: Bannon Exit Victory for China’s Strategy of ‘Containing Trump’

Lopez: Trump Afghan Strategy ‘Fighting to Preserve Regime Under Sharia’…

WATCH: Donald Trump Stares Directly into the Sun…

Defends Flip-Flop in Somber Speech

Trump’s ‘America First’ Base Unhappy

Trump Echoes Obama ‘Blank Check’ Rhetoric

Hayden: Trump Plan the ‘Decision President Obama Would Have Made’

Trump has already alienated some mainstream Republicans. If he alienates his base, will he eventually court the Democrats?


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