We Will All Become De-facto Libertarians.

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I am not a Libertarian but I lean that way, and I definitely prefer to listen to libertarian opinions. Why? Because they have a consistent and cohesive political philosophy. This allows me to know completely where their biases are. Also they are totally against government and the excessive corporate structure around it. Because of this they question everything. I like that in analysis. That is not to say I agree with them on everything, far from it, but that is for another post.

One of the other reasons that I like to listen to libertarians is that (not surprisingly) they are into self-reliance. It seems like the left thinks that when things get bad economically the government will ramp up and we will get another New Deal. That is not going to happen. Not because of politics but rather because the U.S. government will run out of ammo. In other words they won’t be able to afford another New Deal. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Debt to GDP ratio is already high. If there is a economic downturn then the GDP will go lower but the debt will stay constant, or grow. This in turn will make the ratio worse. This will limit the governments ability to borrow. Also high debt to GDP ratios lead to poor economic growth and increase the likely hood of default.
  • The U.S. is an empire and must support a huge military. If we were to cut back on the military there would be a huge power vacuum, which other countries would fill. This limits our ability to cut back military spending or redirect it to other programs. Note well, I am not saying I support a huge empire I am just saying that is the logic we are stuck with.
  • Too many seniors rely on Medicare, Medicaid and SS to make meaningful cuts. They are too large a voting block to ignore.

As you can see the government is being boxed in. The actions that it can take and the degrees of freedom it has, are being limited and will only become more so. I don’t think a New Deal is on the horizon nor free college or any other program that the Bernie bros are promoting.

This leads to self reliance.

This is why I like listening to libertarians. Self reliance is deep in their DNA and they talk about it a lot. We are going to need it soon. I don’t mean the cliché of self reliance. What self reliance really means is intense localism, family -> extended family -> coworkers -> neighborhood -> city -> county -> state. From a liberal or conservative point of view, this could a chance to make meaningful changes. It just wont happen at a federal level.

As the government fails slowly and cannot bail itself out, we will all be left to start taking care of ourselves and each other. We will need a libertarian, self reliant, localistic mind-set. This is what I mean by de-facto libertarian. It doesn’t mean you have to change your political party but rather reframe the solutions. Don’t plan on a functional national government.

So if you don’t already do so you should try to listen to some libertarian podcasts. I would recommend starting with Tom Woods. He has a pleasant personality and high quality guests. He is the gateway drug to libertarian thought. Give it a try.


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