Blind spots, things we cannot talk about in America.



Illegal immigration and employers. When the right or the left talk about illegal immigration neither one talks about the employers hiring them. This is like persecuting  junkies and ignoring dealers to fight the war on drugs. I believe the that right does not discuss this because the employers are mostly small, mom and pop businesses. It would be incredibly unpopular with the Republican base if they started cracking down on  these businesses. This is a huge hypocrisy. The same is partly true with the left.

I believe the left does not talk about cracking down on businesses because then they would have to discuss the high cost of hiring employees and the various ways government creates disincentives to employment.

You will know that they are getting serious about illegal immigration when they start talking about cracking down on employers.

Trump is a reflection of a wide swath of the American people. Pundits like to rationalize why Trump was voted in. They give excuses like: people just wanted change, blue collar workers have been ignored too long, voters simply hated Hillary etc… All of this is true but I think some voters truly like him. I think there were a lot of voters who like the reality show sensibilities that Trump brought to the race. They love it when he drops his tweet bombs. They would like to see the Rock run against Trump in 2020. They enjoy the whole spectacle and are glad someone made politics entertaining.

The media in general seems to try to explain Trumps election without acknowledging that a lot of the voters simply like him and relate to him.

Trump might be a sign of decline. I don’t think the trajectory of leadership in the US is upward. Trump has already lowered the bar on political discourse. He is going to set the trend and going forward political debate will only get coarser. I tell my wife that future Presidential debates will be two people yelling and flinging poop at each other.

Here are a few more that don’t really need explaining…

It is not the main stream media, it is us.

There is a coming economic decline or crisis.

There are probably more people addicted to prescription drugs than we know of.



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